Furniture Finishes
6. Distressed painted finish
1. Distressed glazed finish
2. Distressed stained finish
11. Crackled painted finish
9. Crackle finsh with gold leaf details
15. Gloss lacqure finish
3. High gloss lacquer
7. Stained ad glazed
12. Distressed painted ceiling
4. Distressed wax finish
13. Stained cabinetry
5. Natural oak
8. Natural finish
10. Stained and glazed finish
14. Disressed painted finish
Painted and glazed cabinets
17. Distressed stained beams
18. High gloss lacquer a
19. Waterbased lacquer
20. Satin waterbased finish
21. Stained walnut vanity
22. Stained Woodwork in Library
23. Stained walnut
Painted and glazed kitchen
Milk Paint
Detail of Vanity metallic
Painted Vanity with Silver Details