GLADKOV STUDIOS: Decorative Painting and Finishing

GLADKOV STUDIOS is a premier decorative painting studio in Los Angeles. We offer custom murals, gilding and metallic finishes, Venetian plasters, faux finishes, furniture restoration and fine furniture finishing.

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Preliminary design and color consultation / preliminary sketch / wide range of samples / working with client’s schedule 


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Working with client’s schedule / color consultation / wide range of samples / clean / fast delivery 

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Preliminary design and color consultation / wide range of samples / superior quality of workmanship 

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“… muralist Vasily Gladkov spent three months creating Cuba, my heart place, in stunning, vibrant scenes of the American cars on cobblestone streets, men playing dominos up on balconies, the famous Morrow Castle with my own escort boat Voyager close by. What a joy, what a privilege to walk through Havana in my very own home every day.”

-Diana Nyad


2605 Hauser Blvd., Los Angeles,

CA 20016