Full service decorative painting studio

Gladkov Sudios provides a full range of high quality decorative finishes and wood finishes for residential and commercial clients, interior designers and architects. 

our Services


Our Studio’s team includes talented artists and the most experienced craftspeople in the field of decorative painting and finishing. Studio offers following services and applications:

Preliminary design and color consultation


Individual samples are created for each area of the project and submitted for approval by the client prior installation.

Murals, trompe l’oeil and lettering

We provide our clients with preliminary sketches.

Murals and trompe l’oeil can be painted directly on the walls, ceiling or woodwork in client house or can be painted on canvas in our studio and installed by us, or it can be shipped to the client for installation.


By designing and cutting our own stencils, we can create custom motifs fit to any size or proportion, from a one color stencil to complex patterns with several overlays and colors.

Faux finishing 

Wood graining, marbling, traditional finishes: color washing, strie’, frottage etc. 

Gilding, metallic effects and metal patinas 

We work with metallic paints, composition metal leaf and with genuine gold and silver leaf, we create patinas with paint or chemical solutions.

Italian plasters and textures 

We use lime based plasters: Venetian, Marmorino, Antico, Tuscany, Terra etc.

By client request we can use synthetic or acrylic based plasters.

Antique furniture restoration 

Fine furniture finishing and refinishing

We have a crew of professional wood finishers, who can create any desired by the client finish: staining, glazing, antiquing, distressed painted finishes, crackle and craquelure, waxing, lacquer finishes. 

Cabinetry and furniture can be finished in our studio, where we have a spray booth and spraying equipment, or it can be finished on the jobsite.

Professional exterior and interior painting

As a part of our services we do all preparatory work on walls (drywall repairs, skim coating, priming and base painting) and cabinetry or a client has an alternative to hire his own painters to prepare the surface for specialty finishes with our specifications.

We use best quality environmentally friendly products on the market and offer reasonable competitive prices.

Lime paint

Concrete staining and decorative concrete overlay


The Process

Connect with us via email or telephone call and we get back to you.

Please describe your project: space, wall or ceiling, size and artwork or architectural finish you would like to be created.

It would be very helpful to get some pictures (your room, furniture etc.) or any other visual references prior our first meeting.

After our first conversation on phone or through email we will set up a meeting for a free preliminary consultation to talk about your project.

During our first meeting we collaborate with our clients to get a better idea about our cients needs: design, colors, textures or finishes.

Together we discuss  size, style and materials to be used, our clients wishes and concerns. We make our suggestions and depending on project we show some samples (Venetian plasters, faux finishes or wood finishes etc.) for our clients to choose.  

After in-depth conversation we will provide you with an estimate.

Our estimate includes a detailed description of work to be performed, paints and other materials to be used, estimated duration of the project, labor and materials cost, payments schedule.

When you decide to move forward with the project please return signed contract with the deposit check, that we can move to the design stage of the project, making samples and sketches.

During our follow-up mettings and coversations we collaborate with our clients to get a better idea about our cients needs: design, colors, textures or finishes.

We have a wide veriety of samples (Venetian plasters, faux finishes, wood finishes etc.) for our clients to choose.  And we create custom made samples based on clients specifications.

We create color or ink sketches prior starting murals or trompe l'oeil, starting with preliminary design ideas and will adjust or change them according our clients wishes. 

Upon client's approval of sketches and samples we schedule the project. 

We work both on location and in our studio. 


2605 Hauser Blvd., Los Angeles,

CA 90016